Process Excellence

Fremont understands most process excellence initiatives fail to achieve their desired outcomes. We have developed our Pathfinder approach to overcome the most common reasons for failure including; not delivering rapid results, not engaging employees, lack of an effective process, the pursuit of perfection and projects taking too long among others.

Our methodology for process improvement emphasis a people first approach to engage employees to lead change. We believe that to make change sticky you must create employee ‘pull’ for improvement by proving the concept, finding supporters, empowering employees and allowing the program to mature and become anchored in the culture.

We work with clients to identify projects to generate immediate results. We facilitate teams to learn to solve their own challenges, ‘making it simple’ for employees. Our objective is to help the organization build confidence in their ability to improve processes. We want the employees to begin to identify and ask for more improvement projects. We utilize Lean and Fremont developed methodologies to drive improvements and tailor our approach to ensure client success.

Process Excellence Services:

Build Enterprise Program

  • Develop & implement the continual improvement methodology that a company would utilize to systematically improve
  • Includes methodology, project identification, training, certifying, process implementation, change monitoring, and value realization

Lead Continual Improvement Project

  • Apply the methodology to improve a specific mega-process (order to cash, hire to retire, procure to pay, etc.) 
  • Consists of multiple work streams and process improvement initiatives

Improve Business Process

  • A single event to improve or deliver a specific outcome 

Train, Certify, & Mentor

  • Provide Lean, Six Sigma, and other quality and continual improvement principles
  • Certify change practitioners 
  • Mentor change practitioners to enhance their capabilities

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